Security & threat analysis

Comprehensive risk analysis of binary data files.

Binary data processing

Generative AI-powered improvements to binary data files.


GitHub-integrated reports and change proposals.

Available free on the GitHub Marketplace, Binfix is an Automated Security Testing (AST) tool that brings next-generation Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) to automatically analyze binary data files for security vulnerabilities, unwanted metadata and other potential data leaks as well as non-standard errors.

Binfix integrates seamlessly into the DevSecOps developer experience, taking a proactive approach to security without disrupting or slowing the development process. In combination with existing AST tools, developers can finally have all files in their repositories automatically analyzed and improved.

Infix was founded on decades of experience in automated digital forensics and the custom development of model-based approaches to analyzing and transforming binary data. We have developed extensive model-based tools that allow Binfix to analyze and propose improvements to highly complex files, while providing a fully auditable trace of changes. This means users don’t need to trust our tools as they are fully transparent and traceable.

Our model-based technology forms the basis of the custom LLMs we are developing that recognize errors, variants and exceptions in existing files, helping to reconstruct files, diagnose errors and find risks. Our technology deconstructs binary data files in much the same ways as existing LLMs deconstruct human sentences, which allows us to leverage this new generation of AI-tools to automatically optimize and improve our tools.

This is us!

An experienced team specializing in the analysis and improvement of binary data file formats.

Marja van Aken

Founder & CTO

Jeroen van den Bos

Founder & CEO

@Hague Security Delta (HSD)

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104
2595 AN, The Hague, The Netherlands

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