LLM for Reverse Engineering

Interpretation and description of unknown data.

Training on Synthetic Data

No bad examples and fully traceable.

Compatible with Templates

Integrate into any security or development tool.

Engineers, analysis and researchers encounter unknown data in many contexts in cybersecurity. Whether it’s searching for vulnerabilities, understanding incidents and their causes, collecting and interpreting traces or using proprietary or undocumented interfaces.

This always leads to large amounts of manual work: reverse engineering of data structures. It’s mostly guessing, experimenting and just trying. This work is highly complex, time-consuming and error-prone. But there is a better way: we’re building AutoMetal, and LLM that automatically analyzes and describes provided binary data.

Instead of complicated manual reverse engineering of data, just use the data as a prompt and let AutoMetal generate potential and plausible descriptions. This will require less samples of data to collect and cut down drastically on endless experimenting, guessing and scripting.

It will generate code directly using templates to integrate into any security analysis tool or integrated development environment, letting you parse the previously unknown data immediately.


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Marja van Aken

Founder & CTO

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Founder & CEO

@Hague Security Delta (HSD)

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